Joshua & Parisa
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Hi, we’re Joshua + Parisa

We met in 2016 at The University of Texas – Hook 'em! What was meant to be a 1 hour meet up, to discuss a creative project for the organization we met in, quickly turned into 3 hours. Maybe 20 minutes of which were actually spent actually talking about the project.


Six months later, we had shot a handful of weddings and spent a few evenings a week discussing ideas for growing our new business. Our admiration for each other grew, and we would come to later learn that a lot of our mutual friends were secretly, and some not so secretly, seeing our chemistry and waiting for the day we’d become a couple.

That moment came almost 6 months later. It was a chilly October evening and Josh was walking me out to my car. It was one of those times when you’re supposed to say goodbye but the next thing you know two hours have passed, you’ve still got so much to talk about, the temperature around you has fallen 10 degrees but you don’t notice – and for some reason you just can’t get yourself to actually say goodbye and turn around and walk away because you could talk endlessly with the person in front of you. And I guess in circumstances like that eventually your feelings for each other are bound to come out, right? As they say…the rest is history!

In our spare time you can catch us in the kitchen cooking new recipes, playing board games with friends, grabbing smoothies from Juiceland (the Moontower is a fav), or meeting up with our couples at South Congress Cafe!

Traveling and Based in Austin, TX

for the down to earth, authentic, and joyful

Want to meet over margs and tell us all about the wedding of your dreams?!


Some Fun facts about Joshua

  • Loves the NBA & the San Antonio Spurs

  • Exercising = Favorite part of the day

  • Laughs at all of Parisa's jokes

  • Has been to Asia multiple times, but never to Europe

  • Did a 7 day hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in WA + Canada

  • Enjoys books on filmmaking

  • Once had 7 roommates + lived in a 3 story home (it. was. a. BLAST!)

  • Ran the Austin Marathon

Some Fun facts about Parisa

  • A cat lover at heart, but became allergic

  • Used to go by her middle name Scheherazade

  • Can spend hours at a time editing

  • Loves to travel, 20 countries and counting

  • Went parasailing over the Mediterranean

  • Has an uncanny ability to assemble anything

  • Hair once caught fire at a wedding - yep this happened

  • Deathly afraid of the ocean and open water but loves the beach