Joshua & Parisa
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Together we are easy-going, open, and intimate. We fell in love while building this business together (we started it as friends!) and we take on each wedding as if it were our own. For us, there is no greater joy than to celebrate a couple's love on their wedding day with films and photographs that are truly representative of them. 

Some Fun facts about us



  • Loves the NBA & the San Antonio Spurs

  • Exercising = Favorite part of the day

  • Laughs at all of Parisa's jokes

  • Has been to Asia multiple times, but never to Europe

  • Did a 7 day hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington and Canada

  • Enjoys books on filmmaking

  • Once had 7 roommates and lived in a three story home (it. was. a. BLAST!)

  • Ran the Austin Marathon


  • A cat lover at heart, but became allergic

  • Used to go by her middle name Scheherazade

  • Can spend hours at a time editing

  • Loves to travel, 20 countries and counting

  • Went parasailing over the Mediterranean

  • Has an uncanny ability to assemble anything

  • Hair once caught fire at a wedding - yep this happened

  • Deathly afraid of the ocean and open water but loves the beach